Ringo Starr – GIVE MORE LOVE

ringo x

Ringo Starr
Universal Records

Surprises Around Every Corner From Rock Royalty.

Ringo Starr holds a special place in the hearts of Mrs. Magpie and myself as his version of You’re 16 is ‘our song’ and a framed 7″ Single hangs in pride of place in our living room.
For the rest of you……he’s a BEATLE FOR GOD’S SAKE!!!!
Even today, nearly 60 years after the event Ringo’s drumming with the Beatles is still the benchmark for great timekeeping, rhythm and tempo; and for several years after the band’s break-up he was actually their most successful solo act #fact.
So; what has he got to offer in 2017?
A lot, actually.
Opening track We’re Back on the Road Again is as much fun as I’d hoped but also a whole lot rockier too; with Steve Lukather making his guitar sizzle as a certain Sir Paul McCartney gives the proceedings an extra portion of class on the bass guitar.
I really don’t want to ge bogged down in naming all the guest stars on each track; as they genuinely are a Who’s Who of the Rock Hierarchy…..as you would expect; and the production is diamond polished too.
The ballad Show Me The Way; finds Ringo in a melancholy mood on a tearjerker that will appeal to lovers of a certain vintage; and later the title track Give More Love follows a similar path; somehow the singer manages to save this intimate love song for ‘the world’ from becoming mushy and mawkish; which is quite some achievement.
King of the Kingdom dips it’s toe into the 80’s Reggae pond and has the potential to be a highlight of any Ringo Starr’s All-star Band concert; but personally I much prefer the rockier Electricity when Ringo looks back to his youth and the ‘Electricity’ he felt when he first heard Rock and Roll.
While I’d have preferred this to be 100% new songs; the inclusion of a couple of re-recorded and updated Hits.
Don’t Pass Me By and the Country-Fried You Can’t Fight Lightning are both fascinating in as much as they show even at his ripe old age, Ringo isn’t afraid to experiment and take risks.
Photograph; on the other hand isn’t a million miles different, if a tad slower and sultrier than the original and was actually a contender for ‘favourite song’.
The other re-do; Back Off Boogaloo is the song that will get most media attention as it is pieced together from an old 1/4″ reel to reel demo he recorded in 72 with George Harrison producing; and subsequently adding ‘magic’ from Jeff Lynne and Joe Walsh.
Then of course there is the absolute Stand-Out song, and very easily RMHQ Favourite……the cool Country Swing of So Wrong, For So Long; a co-write with local lad Dave Stewart and featuring enough pedal-steel and delicious harmonies to bring a tear to a glass eye.
History hasn’t been that kind to Ringo Starr, but GIVE MORE LOVE is a rollicking good way to spend an hour, smiling, dancing and on more than one occasion, having the opportunity to look at your ‘significant other’ and think, “that’s us he’s singing about.”
What’s not to like?

Released 15th September 2017


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