Various Artists – SWAMPLAND JEWELS

swampland 5

Various Artists
Yep Roc/Southern Folklife

Open Your Hearts and Minds For Some Quality Cajun and Zydeco Music.

Every year the SummerTyne Festival introduces another Cajun band on the Jumping Hot Club Stage, and every year, regardless of the weather it gets people dancing and smiling.
So; it was with great interest I received two copies of this Re-Mastered/Re-Imagined/Re-Released/Re-Mixed/Re-Polished 1979 ‘Classic’ album, with a few new songs that are in keeping added for extra value.
First of all; who among us (ladies included) wouldn’t pick up a record with a picture of a bikini clad young lady riding a lobster on the cover? UH…..just me then?
So; with an open mind let’s get the party started.
The wonderfully monikered Boozoo Chavis strolls through the charming Paper In My Shoe; singing alternate verses in English and Cajun and I quickly forgot that I didn’t understand the latter patois and just let the music fill me with joy.
I wasn’t aware that this type of music was so varied; with songs that verge on Polka Music Shorty LeBlanc’s Boss Cajun, a weird Mexican Tango hybrid with La Cucha Rochman by Joe Bonsall; but both and Al Ferrier’s Yard Dog is pure and simple New Orleans Blues to my ears!
I surprised myself by actually recognising a couple of songs……The Creole Song (Joe Bonsall again), Bon Ton Roula (Herman Guiee) and probably our favourite song here Lemonade Song by Leroy Broussard, An instant toe-tapper and a version is already in our collection by Rob Heron & Le Tea Pad Orchestra, although they call it Le Danse de la Limonade….whatever, both are crackers.
Every song here oozes passion and charm; and Stephen Weiss and Brent Lambert are to be applauded for the loving way they have put this album together, making it perfect for modern CD Players but without compromising on the original magic.
OK in my ignorance I know next to nothing about from the Cajun or Zydeco Music world; but just like those Dancing Grannies at SummerTyne; I know quality when I hear it.

Released September 22nd 2017




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