Steve Grozier
1232 Records

The Dark and Edgy Side of Alt-British Country .

Things are certainly on the ‘UP’ at the moment for British Country Music with albums and EP’S regularly arriving at RMHQ, and a lot stand shoulder to shoulder with what is coming out of the USA these days.
When I say ‘Country’ I do NOT mean that Heavy Metal stuff with added banjo or pedal-steel that masquerades as Country Music; I mean the type where the song is the most important part of the equation and a song you can and should actually listen to.
Which brings us to this cracking 4 track EP from Glaswegian singer-songwriter Steve Grozier.
Opening song and current Single, Where The Roses Grow features some razor-sharp guitar in the mode of Blackie & The Rodeo Kings or perhaps The Old 97’s; but it’s the song itself that will capture your attention….and your heart.
A brooding tale that builds and builds across the four minutes and Grozier’s world-weary and emotional voice make for a song well worthy of late night radio; when you are feeling very sorry for yourself.
Next up is the classy Hardest Thing; which has a cool Canadiacana ‘feel’ to it, as the guitars threaten to ‘jangle’ but fall slightly short diverting your attention to Grozier’s lilting voice
The dark clouds remain for Nothing Feels The Same, a slow and melancholic ex-love song which includes the ‘killer line,’ “My love for you is still burning strong/but nothing feels the same,” and when you include some truly sorrowful pedal-steel, you know the relationship isn’t going to have a happy ending; something many of us have encountered over the years.
The claustrophobic title track A Place Called Home closes the EP, and the best has been kept for last. An angrily strummed acoustic guitar competes with the melancholic pedal-steel from Tim Davison on a song worthy of an ex-Eagle or Poco member. This song in particular needs an accompanying video shot in mono on a rain swept inner-city Glasgow Sunday afternoon……or at least that’s what it conjures up for me.
This is Steve Grozier’s 2nd EP and sounds like a man (and band) on the verge of a breakthrough to whatever the next level is in the UK…….a national tour? Hopefully.

Released September 1st 2017


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