Lukas Nelson & Promise of The Real


Lukas Nelson & Promise of The Real
Fantasy Records

Enough Atmospheric and Cinematic Southern Rock To Crush Your Heart.

Let’s pretend that Lukas Nelson isn’t the son of Willie Nelson or alongside his band has been the driving force in Neil Young’s band for the last couple of years and treat him with the respect any singer-songwriter/musician deserves…OK?
The album opens with the gorgeously sprawling 7 minute opus Set Me Down On a Cloud; a song that hints at the Band and CSN&Y at times; but is very much 100% pure Lukas Nelson and an amazing band.
A couple of songs later Fool Me Once is absolutely spellbinding in it’s deceiving simplicity, as the story actually unfurls like a Tennessee Williams narrative.
On Just Outside Austin Lukas’s voice and phrasing do sound uncannily like his father; but the beauty and the imagery of the lyrics are all down to the son and heir.
The more I’ve listen to this album; the more I’ve become entranced with Nelson’s ability to ensnare with his emotional lyrics and musical constructions; with no two songs sounding the same; but the album coming across as a complete Long Player in the old sense of the term.
We get a few laid back Southern Rockin and Rolling songs, like Four Letter Word and High Times to name but two; but the all encompassing smell of morning coffee, Jasmine and the California surf on Find Yourself, Forget About Georgia and Runnin ‘Shine are what I love here.
Oddly enough this is also an album that will sound just as good while driving on the highway as it will when kicking back on the porch or in the garden; as all of those songs and the gorgeous Fool Me Once truly are the sound of Summer……past, present and future; or at least they are for us here at RMHQ.
Favourite song, you ask? Not easy….not easy at all, but as I type I’m going for Breath Of My Baby; as it’s the type of delightfully intimate love song most of us and most songwriters too; sort of think about in our more lucid moments but never talk about out loud……. but Lukas Nelson does and does it with ease and class.
The album closes with the simple If I Started Over; with Lukas sounding even more like his father than his father does these days; and the quality of his words, not just here but across all 12 songs; prove that the DNA is strong, but also Lukas is doing it for and by himself……and that’s something to be very proud of.

Released August 25th 2017





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