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Dave Arcari
Buzz Records

At Last……The Best British Bluesman At His Rawest, Finest and Most Honest.

I’m not sure if Scots Blues Troubadour Dave Arcari isn’t the ‘Hardest Working Man in Showbiz’! If you are lucky enough to be on his mailing list hardly a week goes by without him ‘doing something – somewhere’ and rarely the same thing twice.
He is and was a member of several bands covering many Blues genres; but as this Live Album shows……on his own is where he certainly shines his brightest.
Arcari introduces himself to an adoring audience while strumming his beloved Resonator; before gleefully sliding into Dreamt I Was 100; which warms the crowd up nicely.
Track #2 Cotton On My Back with it’s ‘potty mouthed’ chorus is more the hirsute and tattooed Dave we know and love!
For one man and a guitar he sure can make a big old sound; filling every cubic inch of The Memorial Hall and the RMHQ office with his ‘theme tune’ Whisky In My Blood, Homesick & Blue and most notably an old favourite Hellbound Train which is every bit as scary as Robert Johnson must have sounded in those Juke-Joints of old.
Of course Dave Arcari is a ‘Bluesman’ but as his fans know; he ain’t no ‘one trick pony’……this is a guy who was brought up in the Punk Generation and that raw ethos comes across in everything he says and sings……try listening to See Me Laughing to see what I mean……this is Hill Country Blues on amphetamines!
Then again, earlier on his takes on the Scottish Folk Ballads Parcel of Rogues and MacPherson’s Lament are both strikingly beauteous and show not just what an intricate guitarist the Big Man is’ but an emotional balladeer too, when he chooses to be.
Scots by birth and deed; but Dave Arcari is truly an International Musician as the inclusions of Texicali, Good Friend Blues and his most powerful song Devil’s Left Hand; any of which could be born and bred in the USA, but weren’t.
I already love the song 1923; but Arcari tells us it’s actually about his father it takes on an even deeper meaning; and to the uninitiated showcases Dave’s more sensitive side; even if the gruff vocals may not make that always easy.
Fans will scoop this up like ice-cream on a Hot Day; but if they get the chance to hear songs like Cherry Wine, Hangman’s Blues or the swinging Giving & Taking Blues (and) Music fans of all persuasions will surely become converts over night.
I could stick a pin into the track list and find a ‘favourite song’ but I’m going for one that actually made me sit up and listen; as it seriously surprised me on this recording for all I did know it previously. Another Chance will never trouble the Hit Parade for sure; but Arcari’s song hit me in the chest like a punch from a heavyweight……and his guitar playing is beyond superb too.
I’m now listening for the fourth time in two days and I can’t think their are any overdubs or cynical studio additions here; as this sounds exactly like any solo Dave Arcari show I’ve seen….spit, polish and raw honest music…..this is the Real Deal kiddies.

Released 1st September 2017

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