roni perry 2017

Roni Perry

Soulful, Feisty and Fired-Up Southern Indie-Country.

We loved Roni Perry’s 2016 EP Nothing Less Than This so got pretty damn hot under the collar when she told us she had recorded a whole LP of new songs…..but…..woah…..we weren’t expecting anything quite is ‘full on’ as this.
The album opens up with rockier song than anything on the EP and Neverland certainly gets the party started in Debbie Harry post-punk kinda way; and chock full of extra-spicy guitar too.
Five songs later Roni cranks up the Voltmeter again on her own penned Stormy Weather and her voice sounds just perfect as it battles Simon Beard’s electric guitar for prominence…..and wins.
While the young Devonian can certainly ‘Rock’ it’s the slower ballads that we like best here; with Dontcha Worry and the bittersweet Shooting Range both showing that not only can Roni Perry really, really sing a song….but write a great one too.
Harking back to the lo-fi of her EP Square Glass Bottle is a beautiful and deceptively simple song that will make your heart flutter the first time you hear it.
It’s actually quite difficult to pigeon-hole Perry’s music; as it’s predominantly ‘Indie’ with more than a shred of the Blues filtering through a few songs; but So So Wrong more than hints at a Country heritage too……something for everyone? I think so.
The title track Place Your Bets confirms that heritage with a Twangtastic foot-stomper that will have audiences bouncing along to it all over the country.
Although not an easy choice on an album full of interesting songs; I’m going with the brittle and acoustic Smokin’ and Drinking which closes the record as my ‘favourite track’ as it truly showcases not just a clever and articulate songwriter; but a young singer on the cusp of the next step in her career.

Released May 1st 2017



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