Lew Jetton & 61 South PALESTINE BLUES

lew jetton 4

Lew Jetton & 61 South
Coffee Street Blues

It’s The Real Deal When The Blues Gets Angry!

As the accompanying Press Release is pretty basic, I know very little about Lew Jetton & 61 South; but that’s probably a good thing as it allows the music to speak for itself and in this case it actually growls, snarls and shouts!
PALESTINE BLUES opens with the cool 4/4 foot to the floor Will I Go To Hell. Lew’s world weary croon slurs from the speakers in time honoured fashion on a song about a man with more worries than is good for him, and asks questions of his Preacher that the good man can’t quite answer honestly. Razor sharp guitar; pounding bass n drums and Blues wailin’ mouth-harp from JD Wilkes……that’ll do for me kiddo.
The buzz saw guitar licks on Oh My My sound equally angry and sad, as Jetton’s lyrics about a man stick in a dead end job which he hates but can’t change or give up punch you in the gut and trample on your heart.
The Blues covers many subjects; and Lew Jetton takes it on a very dark journey indeed; especially stark tales of battles with addictions in For The Pain, Don’t Need No Devil and Drinking Again but his clever way with words make them accessible to all.
I guess I have to use the term ‘favourite song’ for two absolutely stunning left of centre songs that both caught my attention the first time I played the album; and pressed repeat over and over again; so I could be 100% sure that what I was hearing was right.
Sold Us Out is a righteously angry Blue Collar song about the businessmen who squeeze every last drop from the workforce then leave town without a ‘Bye Your Leave. This is actually preceded by an even angrier song and one I ‘hated’ until I really listened to Jetton’s astute lyrics. When I first heard it I thought Mexico was one of those tired Red-neck songs playing out to all too simple stereotypes; but when actually listened to it’s narrated by a man who now lives on Government Handouts in small-town Palestine in Kentucky and hates himself and everyone around him because of it, as his pride ekes away day by day “Since my job went to Mexico.” Sadly it’s an all too common tale across the Western World and to some extent applies to me too……only my job ‘went to the internet.’
It wouldn’t be a Blues album without a ‘Love gone wrong’ song and we get a couple of doozies here. Drama is a slow and sultry musical melodrama and ‘Bout Time which closes the record is another classic 4/4 mid-tempo shuffle that ties up everything nicely with a raggedy ribbon; but still threatens to unravel at any moment.
That’s life in a nutshell, though, isn’t it?

Released 7th August 2017



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