ivor sk cover

Ivor S.K.

Real Hot n Sweaty Southern Fried Blues.

I’ve had so much to do lately I’ve missed the released date for this album by Australian Ivor Simpson-Kennedy by a couple of months; but it’s already a fixture in the car stereo and I feel the need to scream about it from the internet rooftops!
Yes, you read that correctly this young man, who slips and slides through Delta, Country and occasionally Urban Blues with class and grace is from the deepest of deep South……Australia!
The title track, a cool ode to the Caribbean island of Montserrat kicks off this album with so much toe-tapping ease I nearly wore a hole in the office carpet the first day I played it.
Kennedy is the kind of act I dream of stumbling across on a sultry night in a strange town. Take Me Back To New Orleans and the soft and sweet instrumental Indianola are both perfect for sitting watching the sun go down and kicking back with a beer in your hand as the worries of the world just drift away.
Don’t Say Goodbye is interesting as it sounds like a souped up and strung out Dr John song; with some really, really red hot guitar in the middle. Yet he can also get down and dirty on Take The Good With The Bad, when he growls like a Devil and plays his acoustic like an Angel.
While this definitely 100% a Blues album; it’s International Blues with bits n pieces of all styles tucked away here and there and Ivor even goes off left of centre with I Been Had, with it’s infectious Reggae lilt; but it still fits in perfectly well.
When I sat down to type this two songs immediately sprung to mind; the old school story of Good Mornin’ Judge and the Blues Noir of Murder Tonight which manages to mix a bit of Nick Cave with the foot stompin’ of Howlin’ Wolf and the sizzling guitar playing of Kennedy himself; so it gets the title of RMHQ Favourite Song.
Hey; Aussies can really play the Blues if this album is anything to go by.


Released May 26th 2017


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