Meghann Clancy – CHAPTER 1: LOST

meghan clancy

Meghann Clancy

Beautiful Songs From The Heart’s Darkest Recesses.

I first saw Yorkshire Lass Meghann Clancy a few years ago; on a friend’s recommendation at the Evo Emerging Festival in downtown Newcastle Upon Tyne. He was correct, as her crystal clear voice and sensitive songs shone through a swirl of hormones, guitars and synthesisers like a sunbeam on a thundery day.
It’s taken a while; but she has been learning her craft the hard way……by almost constant gigging; and only now is releasing an album later in 2017.
As a ‘taster’ Meghan is releasing these three tracks as an EP/Single and my appetite is certainly whetted.
The opening song In Time is an absolute joy to listen too, with her gorgeous voice revealing a the twists and turns involved in a complicated story of young love in a way reminiscent of Beth Orton or Beverley Craven; all set against a softly brooding and atmospheric backdrop.
Meghann is quite brave in her choice of subject matter for the second track Life Jacket; a haunting tribute to the 1,000s of African refugees trying to make their way to Europe for a better life; and told from the point of view of said Life Jacket.
Gulp……the intricate piano opening to the third and final song Hunt My Heart is simply beauteous, and gently leads us into another slow and moody anti-love song, about a young woman wondering if she has done the right thing in ending a relationship in a way that will touch the heart of everyone who hears it.
‘LOST’ is a fascinating way to launch the trilogy of singles that will go onto to make a complete album; and certainly showcases not just Meghann Clancy’s emerging talent as a songwriter but brings her awe-inspiring voice to the world at large.

Released July 17th 2017


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