David Corley – ZERO MOON

david corley b

David Corley
Self-Release/Continental Record Services

Reflective, Beautiful and Poetic Songs of Love & Hope.

One of the most exciting ‘finds’ of the last three years at RMHQ has been David Corley. Originally brought to our attention by the Belfast Magpie Cara Gibney, her exclusive interview and subsequent review of his debut album AVAILABLE LIGHT (aged 53) went absolutely ballistic and brought us readers and followers from all four quarters of Planet Earth; yet to the populace at large he’s still something of a mystery.
As the adage goes, this is Corley’s ‘difficult second album’ yet hearing the opening A Vision (prelude) and Vision Pilgrim for the first (and subsequent times) ; you’d think the Indiana Singer-Songwriter was an established artist , and had been for decades.
Yet; as we know, this album may never have happened, as Corley collapsed on stage in 2015 while touring AVAILABLE LIGHT, with a major heart attack.
While several songs here touch on ‘that subject’ this ain’t no self-pitying record; Hell no! There is a righteous anger in his already grizzled voice on While and the gloriously indignant title track Zero Moon “Always someone going out/and someone comin’ in” he sighs and growls in equal measure.
I missed it on the previous album; but there’s more than a little bit of the poet in Corley’s eloquent stories and prose; not unlike the Sainted Leonard of ; most noticeably but not exclusively on Down With The Universe and A Lifetime of Mornings which it slowly distorts into.
ZERO MOON is the antithesis of ‘easy listening’; most songs; and indeed David Corley’s approach is often challenging; none more so than Take Me Down Some; but that doesn’t stop it being my very favourite song here; especially when played at full volume late at night in a fast car; which is the best way to experience that flaming harmonica and sizzling guitar …..but the next morning, the words come into their own in a way that will shatter even the happiest of hearts.
Who knows why some moderate talents become huge stars in the crazy world of music; and artistes like David Corley can be left simmering in the shadows. Who cares……this beautiful creation will find its way into homes that will love it and cherish it for years to come anyway.

Released July 14th 2017



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