Jaime Wyatt – FELONY BLUES

jaime wyatt

Jaime Wyatt
Forty Below Records

Truly Authentic Country-Rock But With a Tattered Soul.

You don’t have to know Jaime Wyatt’s ‘story’ to know that this young lady has lived a ‘life’ ….you can hear it in the sound of her voice on every single song here.
Destined for stardom aged 17 her first album was a critical success; but the follow up never got released and as the story goes…..her troubles began; culminating with Jaime ‘robbing her dealer’ and serving 8 more months in jail than Johnny Cash ever spent.
During her rehabilitation she fell in love with Country Music and…….now we have FELONY BLUES.
There’s a bit of a Bakersfield ‘feel’ to opening song Wishing Well with Jaime kick starts the album with a heartfelt Country Rocker of the finest order; and a song worthy of Linda Ronstadt or even Tanya Tucker at their peak.
I was intrigued by the title of From Outer Space; but what better way of describing that loneliest of lonely feelings we all experience at one time or another; and the timbre in Wyatt’s voice lets you know that she has lived these words.
Jaime isn’t afraid to let the world know about her past; but she doesn’t romanticise that time in prison on Stone Hotel; but none the less gives us a no-nonsense Country Blues that has an angry chorus and a set of razor-sharp lyrics……which I’m pretty sure will make it a concert favourite.
There’s another ‘prison song’ here too; and it’s absolutely fascinating. Wasco is written about and from the point of view of one of Jaime’s ex-cellmates; a girl who had a pen-pal in Wasco State Pen; and while never actually having met the guy was ‘in love’ with him and planning a wedding! Trust me; you ain’t ever heard a song like this before.
As with all Country albums there has to be at least one bittersweet love song; and here we get two beauties. Giving Back The Rest of Me is all about the detail and Misery and Gin closes the album, well….even without that stinging pedal-steel couldn’t be anything other than a Country song……sadder than a very sad day in Sadsville.
Then we have to jump back to Track #2 for our ‘Favourite Song; Your Loving Saves Me, a duet about temptation with Sam Outlaw is just 3 minutes of Country perfection. The band are so tight they sound like they could be playing behind any of the stars from the last 50 years on the Ryman but Jaime Wyatt’s luminous voice and clever lyrics are very much the sound of a star in the making.

Released UK June 30th 2017
Released USA February 20th 2017



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