steve rodgers

Steve Rodgers

A few months ago two friends from work went to see the legendary Bad Company at Newcastle Arena and the following day both sought me out to tell me that they thought I would like the support act, Steve Rodgers.
As is my won’t I did nothing about it.
Then this morning I was asked if I wanted to review the forthcoming album by that very same Steve Rodgers and as a taster could have Exclusive use of the video for the first single I WILL GROW.
Rodgers’ engaging voice instantly captures the attention but it’s classy melody and the deep story in his lyrics that make this song really quite extraordinary.
At 14 Singer-Songwriter Steve Rodgers began to write his own songs on guitar and piano. He started a band with his friends at 17, ‘Lost Sons of Davros’. From the ‘Lost Sons’ came ‘Boa’ who released two albums and their first single ‘Duvet’ was the title track to the Japanese multi award- winning animation series Manga ‘Lain – Serial Xperiments’. They toured the States, the UK but after much enjoyment, Steve has decided to follow his own singer-songwriter path.
Sadly, while I’m really impressed with I WILL GROW, for a single it doesn’t sound commercial enough for National Radio; but certainly serves as a delightful taster for the promised album when it comes.

PS I’ve managed to come this far without mentioning Steve’s rather famous father Paul…..he of Free, Bad Company and more recently Queen. Yes THAT Paul Rodgers.
Steve may look a bit like his Dad (not the biggest problem in the world) but has his own distinctive and memorable voice.
Released May 31st May 2017


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