Gina Sicilia – TUG OF WAR

gina s

Gina Sicilia
Blue Elan Records

Classy, Soul Searching and Heart-Stopping Blues Deluxe.

This album has been hanging around the ‘to do’ box for a few weeks now and a couple of tracks have piqued my attention when the iPhone is set to ‘shuffle’ mode but it was only this morning, when the June weather outside was grim beyond belief that I finally to give it a spin.
Well; as I’ve said before ….”God acts in mysterious ways”; as it’s been the perfect accompaniment for catching up with outstanding internet type matters; and now as I drink strong coffee and eat even stronger ginger biscuits.
Any song called I Don’t Want To Be In Love will catch my eye; and this album opener is an absolute scorcher; as Gina’s deep and rich voice pleads with her man ‘not to make her fall in love’ as she ‘was happy being alone’……and Dave Darling’s sparky guitar behind her makes the song extra special indeed.
This links perfectly well with track #2 Damaging Me which follows; and again Sicilia pours her heart out in song; and the deep dark and very personal mood is set for the next hour.
It turns out that TUG OF WAR is Gina Sicilia’s seventh album and was recorded after a ‘painful and dramatic’ event in her life which necessitated a move to Nashville where it was recorded. While I would never wish ill will on anyone; it’s fair to say a good songwriter; and Gina Sicilia fits that description; should find gold in any type of darkness; and she certainly has with Never Gonna End and the heart-breaking He Called Me Baby.
While filed under ‘Blues’ in most record shops Gina adds a huge dash of Gospel infused Soul on I Cried; a song that Aretha would have been proud to sing in her own glory years and the jaunty album closer Heaven too.
When it comes to choosing the obligatory ‘favourite track’ I’m torn between Gina’s gloriously sorrowful rendition of the Beatles All My Loving and her own razor sharp acoustic Blues tune Abandoned; and probably will have to go for the latter as it had me tapping out the beat and nodding my head to the tightly wrapped melody and deeply private lyric which touched both my heart and my Soul.
Damn right this girl has the Blues and a heart full of Soul; and has a special way of delivering them if you have them too.
Released June 2nd 2017


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