mick wynne 2a

Mick Wynne

Prime British R&B.

With a huge backlog of albums to review, something about the cover shot on this EP appealed to me and thrust it to the top of the pile.
Then when I actually played the first track, Fooled By You I knew my ‘senses’ had been proved right yet again.
Mick Wynne has been a session-player and that apprenticeship shines through on every second of this classy mix of British R&B, Pub Rock and Country-Blues……true Roots/Americana but with a hefty splash of British grit. ‘Homesick’ Mick has the type of stylish, yet rough around the edges singing voice I love; coupled with Alison David on harmonies, some chichi piano playing
and red hot guitar combine to create a song that lies somewhere between Dr. Feelgood, Squeeze and even Joe Cocker! All favourites on the RMHQ stereo.
Track #2 Love of My Woman appears to have been recorded live and goes some way to showcase a really cool and rock solid band; the type I would pay good money to see in a hot n sweaty pub on a Friday night.
The three track sampler for an album to be released later in the year comes to a close with a song dedicated to the legendary Peter Green; You Are My Message, where Wynne sounds and plays uncannily like a young Eric Clapton circa Bluesbreakers and his first solo album.
The playing, singing and production here is quite exceptional for a singer/band that I’ve never heard of; but when you see Mick Wynne’s impressive CV it’s no surprise at all; and I can’t wait to hear the full album when it gets released in July.

Released May 31st 2017


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