Greta Gaines – TUMBLEWEED

greta gaines 17

Greta Gaines
Big Air Records

Classy Lounge-Rock For a World Without Tears.

One of my ‘favourite surprises’ over the last few years was Greta Gaines’ last album Lighthouse & The Impossible Love way back in 2013; so I was giddy with excitement when I received this new 7 track (mini) album.
The first time I heard it, my eyes actually lit up as the crashing guitars transitioned into Ms. Gaines distinctive voice on the steamy pot-boiler of a title track TUMBLEWEED which opens the album; and by the second chorus I found myself actually mouthing the words too. The bittersweet love song has an edgy Southern-Rock feel to it; and if I was being lazy it would certainly bring back memories of Lucinda Williams albums at the cusp of the new century; although Greta Gaines certainly has her very own finely-textured and distinctive singing style.
Leo For Real, which follows has a rat-a-tat-tat drum beat at its heart and Greta’s voice soars between mournful and hopeful as the song evolves to a doleful and beauteous finale.
Even on the heartbreakingly slow ballads, Only Lonely and Heal Me Greta never sounds down or defeated; she’s a fighter and that comes through not just the lyrics but the way she sings from deep down in the dark recesses of her heart……this lady’s not for turning!
Digging deep into her musical Roots Greta includes an interesting Folk Rocker called Sweet William. I didn’t ‘get it’ at first and thought it jarred with the other six tracks; but by the third time I played TUMBLEWEED it actually fits into the ‘mood’ perfectly.
Tucked away in the middle is the deep, dark Alt-Rocker Begin Again which sounds like the type of song Chrissie Hynde might have recorded had she ever joined Fleetwood Mac! Pounding drums, stinging guitars, a bass from Hades and Greta’s almighty voice……what’s not to like? That’s why it is my favourite song here.
And….when Greta Gaines rocks…..she ROCKS! The less than subtle Light It Up; an ode to legalising marijuana closes the album with not just passion but plenty of pomp too.
While there may only be seven tracks here; that hardly matters as you will have the album on auto-repeat anyway.

Released June 16th 2017


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