daniel r c

Daniel Romano
New West Records

Quirky and Left of Centre Power Pop From the Renaissance Man of Americana.

After seeing Daniel Romano last year at the Jumping Hot Club and thinking he was a contender for the Prince of Nu-Country title; this is not what I was expecting…..not expecting at all!!
Now I’ve got my head around MODERN PRESSURE and given up on trying a compare and contrast with his previous album MOSEY; I think I like it.
I guess there should have been a clue in opening track being called Ugly Human Heat Pt1 not being a Twangy Country tune. Although recorded in Sweden; this is the type of song (and album) I would normally associate with the artsy New York or London scenes.
Track #4 The Pride of Queens finds Romano sounding uncannily like Marc Bolan on a slow burning helping of Glam-Psychedelia with it’s rolling electric organ, funky bass lines and intensely sloppy guitars…….baaaby.
I don’t begin to understand what Sucking The Old World Dry or Dancing With The Lady in the Moon are on about; but hey kids….this is Pop Music; just go along for the whizz-bang ride and enjoy it for what it is.
Marc Bolan and T Rex are the name that spring to mind on many songs here; but there are plenty of others like the Scouse Rockers Teardrop Explodes and Icicle Works that appear to have been on the stereo during the recording process of I Tried To Hold The World (In My Mouth) and the epic title track MODERN PRESSURE; but I could be wrong of course.
The whimsical Impossible Dream is hippy Folk-Rock at its poetic best; then Romano follows that with a deep and meaningful Jennifer Castle.
Roya, the most obviously commercial ‘rock song’ here is an ode to ‘women everywhere’ and the type of song I would spend hours trying to decipher while listening on huge headphones.
While MODERN PRESSURE is a whole lot different from my normal tastes; I have enjoyed the challenge of reviewing it and the finale What’s To Become Of The Meaning Of Love really captured my imagination this week after two horrific terrorist attacks in Manchester and London. I don’t imagine Daniel Romano had those type of atrocities in mind when he wrote the song; but the astute lyrics and unconventional guitar solos really expressed my feelings in a way I never could.

Released May 19th 2017


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