Luke Tuchscherer – ALWAYS BE TRUE

luke t

Luke Tuchscherer
Clubhouse Records

Gritty Americana From From The British Heartlands.

The quaintly monikered Luke Tuchscherer used to be drummer in a band called The Whybirds who toured constantly and released three really good albums, in the days before Americana music had a name; meaning they made no money and eventually went their separate ways.
The year after their demise Luke released a solo album to critical acclaim (I liked it!) but subsequently disappeared from my radar until now.
The opening track Waiting For My Time To Come is the type of song that gets written at 2am when it seems the whole world is against you; but just happens to be a bit of a doozy! The jangle of the guitars and a swinging ‘Levon beat’ on the drums combine with Luke’s raggedly velvet tones to deliver a majestic slice of British Alt. Country.
On a similar tip, Those Lonesome Blues will appeal to fans of Steve Earle, Gram and even Hank in equal measures as it combines the best and saddest of Country melodies with heart-punching lyric and some Tom Pettyesque geetar……. baby!
It sounds like Luke has listened to a lot of music in those three years and used the time to create his own distinctive ‘sound’…….combining Honky-Tonk with Bluegrass (?) on Be True and later fusing the West Coast sound with what Elton John developed around Tumbleweed Connection on Love Don’t Come Easy and Outside Looking In.
Don’t be confused when I use those observations; because while this album can be ‘deep and meaningful’ at times…..A Song For Jack Brown is about a young friend who committed suicide it is also very commercial and easy on the ear with Don’t Put Me Out and No One Did It Like Us.
I love albums that can be listened to on several levels; which is certainly the case here especially my favourite song the cracked love and brave choice of subject matter of When The Dream Dies. It’s nail-bitingly private and personal but will draw you into the narrative every time you hear it.
I remember Luke Tuchscherer’s 2014 debut album YOU GET SO ALONE, SOMETIMES IT JUST MAKES SENSE from my days writing for Maverick magazine; partly because it was quite good but mostly because I loved the title!
It’s taken three years of hard labour and toil but here we finally have the follow up; and this time it’s the music I will remember it by.

Released 2nd June 2017

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