Failure Machine – WAKE DRAKE SKATE

failure machine mm

Failure Machine
SNAFU Family Records/Bandcamp

Hippity-Hoppitty Music Punked Up and Turned Inside Out .

As my kids and Grand-kids will tell you, I know nothing about ‘modern music’……which may sound odd but it’s true; if I turn on the radio on any station apart from Smooth or Gold I have no idea if I’m listening to Adele, Take That or Radiohead.
So when my favourite Reno, Nevada Grungy Soul-Rockers Failure Machine sent me their latest EP…..covering pop songs by a singer called Drake and the Fidlar I was a) non-plussed b) intrigued.
The first time I played it I had to fight the urge to press ‘eject’ on the car stereo; then a week or so later the ‘random play’ on my I-Phone played opening track Hotline Bling just as I was leaving work at midnight as the cold rain hit the wind shield.
The crashing guitar, Ramones style bass and drums coupled with a sweaty punked up song with an actual tune and most importantly a ‘hook’ was just what I needed to hear after a 10 hour shift. As soon ass it ended I pressed ‘repeat’ and soon had a silly grin on my face as I shouted along with the chorus like hormonal teenager.
The following night I programmed the phone to play the full EP and while it wasn’t raining; it was still unseasonably cold; but track #2 No Waves; with it’s RL Burnside flavoured Bluesy riff and growling vocals had me imagining that I was listening on the Ventura Highway; not the A1231.
Now I’ve played the EP numerous times; four tracks is the perfect balance; with Energy and it’s feisty guitars, red hot horn section and ‘shout-along’ chorus of “Got a lot of enemies/Got a lot of people tryin’ to drain me of my energy” somehow seemed quite appropriate for the end of the working day…..if not 100% true in my case.
The EP closes with a 99mph nitro-fuelled car chase of a song called Cheap Beer; that wouldn’t have been out of place at a Clash gig in ’77.
I haven’t bothered to find out which songs are originally by Mr Drake or the Fidlars; why would I? I’m never going to listen to them am I? These four songs will forever be Failure Machine songs at RMHQ and in the Magpie Machine very late at night when I’m tired and very, very angry!

Released March 30th 2017


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