mr sipp 9

Mr. Sipp
Malaco Records

Funkin’ Up The Blues With a Huge Spoon Full Of Soul.

This came so far out of left field opening track Knock a Hole In It hit me like a Side-Winder missile!
Mr. Sipp aka The Mississippi Blues Child but born Castro Coleman’s guitar growls and squeals like a tigress on heat while the really tight rhythm section pull out all of the stops to make the casual listener’s eyes pop out of their head on a truly cool Blues song.
Start as you mean to go on? Hell yeah!
Track 2 Bad Feeling slows things down a little bit; but only a touch as Mr. Sipp tells us about the woman in his life who is ‘driving him insane’…….’because you got another man.’ OK the sentiment is as old as time; but Coleman’s guitar strings must be made out of razor wire the way he fires notes out of the speakers and somehow makes his sweet voice sound as if his throat is full of flames.
Apparently Mr. Sipp is a best renowned Gospel singer; but you wouldn’t know it from what you hear here……this IS the Blues baby; but the type your Mother told you not to listen to.
There are elements of Johnny Winter and Buddy Guy here; but there’s also hefty aroma of Larry ‘Guitar’ Watson and Sly Stone too on tracks like Turn Up and Stalking Me.
Then Love Yourself is straight outta the George Benson Singer-Guitarist High School……slow, sweet and sexy…….mmmmm.
Two titles will be very familiar to RM readers; with Little Wing being a sexy, slow and very emotional midnight ride with Mr. Sipp’s guitar playing sounding like liquid gold on a song that tips it’s hat at Hendrix’s words but going in a completely new direction; although the note perfect rendition of Star Spangled Banner that it morphs into is straight from the Maestro himself and closes the album perfectly.
On the other hand Love Don’t Live Here Anymore draws on his Gospel background with Sipp using his amazing voice as in instrument in it’s own rite; as the guitar is slowly strummed and the strings section take pride of place in the background.
Choosing a favourite song for you hasn’t been easy; but even though I keep going back to that amazing title track Knock a Hole In It, there’s a real gem tucked away in the middle too….Juke Joint really conveys everything I love about this type of music; combining old-school R&B with some red hot 70’s style guitar playing and a sassy horn section coming and going like the breeze behind that stunning and expressive voice.
Some days I love my job; especially when I discover albums like this and I hope you delve in and fall in love with Mr. Sipp too.

Released April 7th 2017


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