Rainbreakers – RISE UP (EP)

rainbreakers 01


Atmospheric British Blues With a Heart Full Of Soul.

This has sat on the top of the ‘to do’ pile for nearly a month now; predominantly because I presumed it was going to be another ‘foot to the floor’ British Rock Band with only a nod in the direction of what I know as The Blues.
Ha! What do I know?
My eyebrows nearly flew of my head; such was my surprise with the opening track On My Own. A tightly wrapped tale of a break-up; full of powerful, yet restrained electric guitar and barbed-wire rhythm section protect singer Ben Edwards as he tells her ‘that it’s over’ and it’s better for both of them. Oh what it must be like to be young again.
I’m not saying that Rainbreakers are ‘groundbreaking, as such….but I can’t think of a definitive band that they remind me of. There are bits of Wishbone Ash and Bad Company there; but none of the pomp or swagger and definitely none of the boring guitar solos!
Waiting on You is a late night Blues tune worthy of someone like Robert Cray; but with a softer and more accessible message at it’s heart; plus it’s a story many of us experienced in our younger days.
Perception has a sort of Santana meets Paul Rogers vibe to it; all shimmering cymbals and stretched guitar notes as Edwards gives a very emotional vocal performance on a skilful will they/won’t they song.
The 5 track EP comes to an all too quick close with Living Free; the type of intense Blues song when the singer pours his heart out with his eyes closed and the mic lead tightly wound around his fist. Some singers do this for show; but I get the feeling that Edwards is singing from the bottom of his broken heart and has lived every word.
Which all brings us back to the beginning; well Track 2 to be precise; for the Rocking Magpie’s Favourite Track. Even without reading the accompanying notes I was drawn to Rise Up, with its feeling of a steamy night in Memphis groove and Edwards razor sharp singing; but when you discover that it’s about the world these kids have live in following the Brexit Vote in the UK, the onward march of Right Wing Politics in Europe and of course Donald J Trump becoming President of the US of A, it takes on a while new resonance. This is no ‘Call to Arms Man the Barricades’ Protest Song; rather more a reflective, thoughtful set of prose to make you think and then ‘do something appropriate’…….don’t sit there feeling sorry for yourselves!
I’m impressed with this, the Rainbreakers 2nd EP; the songwriting and story telling is exceptional for ones so young and the way the band play; powerful yet restrained really does bode well for their future.


Released April 7th 2017


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