Matt Andersen – Who Are You Listening To? (SINGLE)

matt andersen t

Matt Andersen
Who Are You Listening To? (SINGLE)
True North Records

I’ve been a fan of Canadian singer-songwriter for quite a few years now; and his HONEST MAN album got me through a very dark time following my Prostate Cancer operation a year or so ago.
One of my favourite tracks was WHO ARE YOU LISTENING TO? A songwriter’s rallying call for people not to take things politicians say ‘too literally’ and therefore ‘think for themselves.
When Andersen wrote the song America (and the UK)were both in the throws of nasty pre-Election campaigns when all sides of the political divide got immersed in very personal scare-mongering.
What could possibly go wrong?
Well; the world now knows the answer to that conundrum!
Sadly not a lot has changed with the politicians and Matt has now released the song as a single ….with a ‘radio edit’; although it will be a very brave DJ who plays it!!!!
So; go but it.

RELEASED April 3rd 2017


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