Kevin McGuire – Foreign Country (EP)

kevin mc

Kevin McGuire
Foreign Country (EP)

More Exciting New British Country Music.

As I keep saying British Country Music was a joke only 5 or 6 years ago; but there must have been something on the school curriculum 15 or so years ago because there’s a new generation of good looking talented kids blowing my socks off at the moment with their exhilarating take on every angle of the most American of American musical genres.
Just before Christmas 2016 I received the 3AM single from a young Glaswegian called Kevin McGuire and I couldn’t believe that he wasn’t from any one of the Southern American states.
That song is here too; but isn’t the best by a Country mile!
His latest EP starts with the gentle Alright, Tonight! McGuire’s rich voice has that ‘breathless warble’ that you normally associate with the likes of Brad Paisley or Rascal Flatts and the banjo solo should be straight outta Charleston, not Clarkston. The lyrics are classy and Classic too……as McGuire talks about a girls truck breaking down and him ‘kick starting her heart into life.’
Late follows and you can picture the young McGuire with torn jeans, white t-shirt, trucker cap and a pained expression trying to win the girl back……as if she would ever have left him in the first place.
Next we get the emotional 3AM, a break-up song of the highest quality and one teenage girls all over the world will cry their hearts out to (boys will hear it and pretend it doesn’t effect them though).
So far, so very good….then on I Belong McGuire really picks up the baton dropped by the big boys in Nashville; with a simple but quality heartbreaker; the likes of which made Garth Brooks and Tim McGraw very rich men indeed.
But for me, the best is kept for last. Another muscular heartbreaker (what did you expect? This is Country Music after all) but this time with a piano as the lead instrument instead of McGuire’s electric guitar. hen I played this song for Mrs Magpie she too couldn’t believe it wasn’t one of the ‘Stars of Nashville’ but a young kid from Glasgow.
For a young man Kevin McGuire is playing his hand very quickly; but it’s a winning hand, as he isn’t just an excellent singer who can write a fine song, he’s damn good looking too…..a triple threat that won’t be hanging around the British scene for very long.

RELEASED Friday 7th April

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