The Mavericks – BRAND NEW DAY

mavericks bnd c

The Mavericks
Mondo Mundo Recordings/Thirty Tigers

Saturday Night Starts Here!

I don’t know what, if anything is left to say about the Mavericks……first formed in the late 80’s in Miami to fill a void in the local music scene but subsequently creating a trademark ‘sound’ that is instantly recognisable all around the world.
Thankfully these are guys who have music coursing through their veins instead of blood and they keep writing songs that need to be sung, played, listened to and best of all……danced too!
While listening to opening track Rolling Along on a miserable grey and damp March Thursday in NE England; I was immediately transported to a mystical cantina somewhere North of the Rio Grande where the Mavericks, fronted by an ever smiling Raul Malo are the house band and the beer and wine flows non stop, and the dancing goes on until the wee small hours.
The song itself is an absolute delight with the musicians giving their collective all on a song full of hope and beauty.
While the Mavericks songwriting has ‘matured’ over the years; they never stray too far from the formula that makes fans come back for more, time and time again. While they are noted for their good time danceable songs like, Ride With Me and the Bossa Nova inspired Easy As It Seems; for me it’s the ballads that I love.
I had to do a double take when I first heard I Will Be Yours, as Malo’s heart-shredding vocal sounds uncannily like Roy Orbison performing a soft shoe shuffle.
The Goodnight Waltz is everything you would hope for from a song with that title on an album like this, turn the lights down low and let the world drift by as Raul Malo and friends take you on a dreamy journey along the tunnel of love.
While not exactly Black Sabbath; the title track Brand New Day is a lot rockier and the lyrics ‘heavier’ than normally associated with the Mavericks; but the punchy back-beat and emotional vocals coupled with words of hope, that many of us need to hear at the moment make for a Power Ballad Deluxe.
One of the things I’ve always loved about the Mavericks is the way they can blend various musical forms to create their own inimitable sound; and when I tell you one of my favourite songs here Ride With Me has a Ska groove, some swinging Tex-Mex accordion, Country Rock Guitar and sweet Latino Vocals you would think it wouldn’t work……but then you don’t know the Mavericks……it’s a joy from start to finish and could make a wooden leg tap out a beat.
Which all brings me around to the the RMHQ latest theme tune and favourite track…….Damned (If I Do) which opens with Eddie Perez making his guitar sound like an AK47 followed by a dark and brooding tune that fits my mood like a velvet glove. And, don’t get me started about the Satchmo style trumpet solos…….mind blowing!
What more can I say? The Mavericks have done it again; somehow managing to sound the same as ever, but also adding a whole new edgier sound than men of their age should be able to create this GOOD.

Released 24th March 2017


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