Bonomo – PHASES



Cool Adult Orientated Scallywag Jazz Infused Alt. Rock.

As I keep saying RMHQ is currently being inundated with new music everyday, so it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the time to listen to absolutely everything in the to-do box; sadly meaning some potentially great albums are getting missed out…….apologies everyone.
This morning on a whim I selected Bonomo on the I-pod for my walk to the shops for the Sunday papers; don’t know why, perhaps it was their intriguing name….who knows; but after listening to Adam Bonomo’s softly pleading voice and the tightly wrapped, guitar, keyboards and tsch-tsch drumming on opening song Baby’s Alright, I decided to take the long way home via the village coffee shop which had put a couple of tables outside to celebrate the first sunny, but chilly day of Spring 2017.
Three strong Americano’s and a warm croissant later I finally had to go home after sitting watching the world go by, listening to the rest of PHASES on my headphones.
‘Tightly Wrapped’ and ‘Adult Orientated’ are the best ways to describe songs like Redshifted and Do Need with it’s breathy vocals and ‘dinner-jazz’ vibe; especially Andrew Renfroe’s guitar that slices through Bonomo’s Jimmy Smith inspired playing on the keyboards.
While the Press Release describes Bonomo as Alternative-Folk meets R&B; my thoughts are more towards Donald Fagan’s The Nightfly album and possibly Holland by the Beach Boys, with a smattering of John Legend too for good measure.
When you listen to Water and the starkly beautiful Do Need in particular its virtuously impossible to comprehend that the ‘sound’ New Yorkers Adam Bonomo and guitarist Andrew Renfroe comes from two people and two people alone without the aid of any multi-tracking……they somehow manage to fill every cubic inch of the speakers without ever sounding loud.
Two very different songs tie for ‘favourite song,’ the dreamy late night lounge Jazz of Repeating could easily appear on a Blue Note album but Show Her Love, which follows is the most uptempo song here and really shows not only the range of Bonomo the band have; but Adam Bonomo’s voice has too.

Released February 19th 2017


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