Jesse & Joy – Jesse & Joy


Jesse & Joy
Jesse & Joy
Warner Music/East West Records

Red Hot Best Of From The Hottest Latin Band Around.

Well; this is a bit different…but different in a good way.
As regular readers will know I no longer have the time to listen to National radio or read any of the commercial papers or magazines; so I’ve totally managed to miss Mexican brother and sister duo Jesse & Joy who have had two massive UK hit singles, lots and lots of even bigger hits in the US of A and….this will impress the cool younger kids out there…..have amassed over 1.5 BILLION ‘hits’ on the You Tube!
So…..where does this fit in at RMHQ? Well, to tell the truth….I’m not sure.
The opening song on this album which is culled together frm their 4 previous releases, is the truly epic Echoes of Love featuring Joy’s exquiste voice, which swoops and soars in a way normally associated with Adele or Celine Dion.
The next song More Than Amigos, is more like what I was expecting; with Joy’s voice sashaying from speaker to speaker on a Mavericks infused, dancetastic song.
As the last notes of that song disappear the first song in their native tongue Espacio Sideral comes in; and even I can tell why Jesse & Joy are Superstars throughout Central and Latin America. YAY! Even though I have no idea what she is singing about; my feet were instantly shuffling and my ample hips swayed from side to side.
There is a very heady mix of songs in Spanish and English throughout this album; and while I’m personally enamoured with the Spanish language tracks; especially the sensual ballads La De La Mala Suerte and Un Besito Mas (One More Kiss) which somehow sound more ‘passionate’ and heartfelt than the English songs.
But…….as I was listening for the second time Mrs. Magpie came into the office with a coffee re-fill and, just as Helpless came on the stereo, said; “I know this song……who is it? It’s on the jukebox at work.” She then stood in the doorway, tapping her feet as her eyes devoured the CD sleeve-notes.
As I explained the duo’s background her eyes glazed over…..she was only interested in the music; and as their biggest hit to date Run came on, she had ‘that look’ in her eyes…… “Can I have it when you are finished with it?”
Over the next hour we sat listening and discussing the various songs; something we very rarely do and both agreed that it really is ‘something special’ and could and should be the soundtrack to our imminent holiday on Majorca and the hazy, crazy days of the English Summer….or at least the couple of sunny days we hope to get.
Without being prompted Mrs. Magpie asked me to re-play Echoes of Love and Little Drops of Love a further two times and selected the cutesy Tex-Mex latter song as her Favourite; while I went for a tie between Un Besito Mas and the original piano driven ballad version of Run! Corre! Which just smoulders from start to finish; much like the album itself.
It’s now been in Mrs Magpie’s car for a week, and she has loaned it to both her sister and a young female friend, which is testament as to how easy on the ear this is and who the UK demographic will be.

Just as I had finished my final draft of this review it was announced that their previous album Un Besito Mas had won the Grammy for ‘Best Latin Pop Album’!

Released UK February 3rd 2017


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