Tom Craig and Soul Patch Get Ready For Me


Tom Craig and Soul Patch
Get Ready For Me

Smokin’ Downtown Rhythm and Blues.

I often get asked what ‘my favourite style of music’ actually is; and I struggle to give a straight answer as my taste genuinely is eclectic and varies from day to day; but what I will tell you is I’ve travelled 100’s of miles and missed shifts at work to see Van Morrison, James Hunter and a host of other Soulful R&B bands in smoky bars or concert halls across the UK.
My ‘new best friend’ in the Colonies, Frank Roszack sent me a pile of CD’s at Christmas stating they were all ‘Bluesy’ in essence…..and boy was he 100% correct!
Opening track Louita was one of the first of these new songs I heard, almost blistering the car speakers as it forced its way out.
After an hour flicking through various tracks from a host of other albums my heart kept telling my brain to go back to Louita; and much like Mrs. Magpie my heart is always right!
Tom Craig has a voice honed from too many nights in dark smoky bars and his band; drums, bass, Hammond and two sax’s…….swoon…..are as tight as a duck’s bum.
Everything here is from Craig’s very own pen; and boy can he tell a story and conjure up imagery like a master.
She Did It To Me (She’ll Do It To You) is a slow bluesy tune about ‘a woman who done him wrong’ and in another parallel life would be on Wilson Pickett’s Greatest Hits yet Tornado is another break-up song, but really does kick up a storm and will have couples cutting a rug whenever they hear it.
It must be said I’ve always had a weakness for a saxophone and Vince Gleason and Skyler Hagner satisfy my long-standing cravings on Nothin’ That a Man Can Do and Ballroom Dancer better than any Class A drug ever could; and Tom Craig’s crooning made my tummy go funny too…..but the less said about that the better.
Can I point you to two exceptional songs here? Track #2 How Did I Break The Rules is the type of Bluesy Love Song that will make the average man go weak at the knees and think ‘so its not just me who fees that way!’
The other, Can’t Help Myself is as good a R& B song as I’ve ever heard….and I’ve heard a lot. Revolving around Eric Johnson on the Hammond Organ, Tom Craig swings like a young Sinatra as the band get into a groove that will stir your heart and make your toes tap and shuffle uncontrollably.
Oh, before I forget Craig is a mighty sharp guitar player too; sliding in some very subtle but cutting solos when needed; in a way I normally associate with Robert Cray or George Benson; with Please Forgive Me Baby, being the best example.
Thankfully with the power of the World Wide Web; Tom Craig and Soul Patch can reach an appreciative audience way outside their normal catchment area of Delaware.
released December 28th 2016


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