Daniel Meade – Shooting Stars & Tiny Tears


Daniel Meade
Shooting Stars & Tiny Tears
From The Top Records

Silver-tongued, Heartfelt and Endearing Classic Country.

While friends North and South of Hadrian’s Wall have raved about Daniel Meade; with and without his Flying Mules I have only encountered him once when he was the opening act for Sturgill Simpson a few years ago. I was really impressed with his laconic and laid back performance so was quite excited when this disc arrived.
The title track Shooting Stars & Tiny Tears opens the disc and finds Meade all alone and lonely with only his trusted acoustic guitar for company on a raw heart-breaker worthy of Hank or Don Williams. Sometimes the stars align and this was just the type of song I needed to hear last week; and pretty much the rest of the album continues in that lonely, windswept manner, even the more uptempo numbers.
Other musicians from the Glaswegian Delta drift in and out; with some charming Roadhouse piano accompanying Meade’s delightful Bakersfield warble on Nothing Worth Losing But You and again on I Got Something.
Some days I lose track of what constitutes ‘Country Music’ but as Kris Kristofferson once said “If it sounds Country, then it is Country” and that’s the case with How Long Does It Take To Fall In Love? Which owes more to the Blue Hills of Kentucky than the rolling hills of the Trossachs; but that’s the joy of musicians like Daniel Meade, they can transport you around the globe in under three minutes.
On Sometime Falling/Sometimes Flying there are divine harmonies, shakers and finger clicks in the background; but nothing to distract from Meade’s clever and heart stopping way with words.
Shooting Stars & Tiny Tears is an absolute joy from start to finish; but I have to pick out a ‘favourite song’ don’t I? Well, that’s not easy but I will toss a coin between the snappy Your Voice at Night and the bittersweet love song Throwing Pebbles, probably going for the latter not just because the lyrics touched me in ways the others didn’t quite manage but Meade’s wavering voice almost reduced me to tears the first time I heard it.
As I’ve said a lot lately British Country Music is definitely on the ‘up’ these days; although it’s only the poppier end of the spectrum that makes National radio and TV, but the likes of Daniel Meade are flying the flag for Traditional Country Music every day of the year up and down the highways and by-ways of our glorious Kingdom.
I urge you to support them by seeing them in pubs, clubs and as support acts in concert halls or more importantly BUY their albums……it’s how they make a living.



Released February 10th 2017


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