John Latini – The Blues Just Makes Me Feel Good


John Latini
The Blues Just Makes Me Feel Good
Smokin’ Sleddog Records

Sizzling Soul Infused Rhythm and Blues.

God Bless the Internet!
This is John Latini’s debut album and while he appears to have hardly ever left Detroit; this album turned up on my doorstep in North East England because it deserves a worldwide audience.
First of all; if I was in a record shop (remember them?) the album cover would make me pick it up; and then scrutinising the song titles would probably make me part with ten English pounds just to see if the contents lived up to the packaging (they do).
Oooohhheeee…..opening track Black-eyed Blues is straight from the Freddie and Albert King play-books; and had me immediately sitting back in my chair contently sipping a strong cup of coffee.
Latini seamlessly slides up a gear for the sublime Lord Made Me a Weak Man, which follows and I was already hooked by his way with a melody; warm and leathery voice, sweet geetar playing and a sublime backing band.
Take it from me, it’s a given that Latini is an excellent guitarist so I won’t dwell on that; but surprise after surprise comes from his eloquent songs……the Southern Soul of Pull Me Up sits comfortably alongside the funky Rutabago Cheesecake which rubs shoulders with cool Chicago Nightclub vibe of My Town Got a River And a Train.
The way Latini weaves and blends his tunes is astonishing at times; Too Good To Be True could easily be a Robert Cray song but there are elements of George Benson too and the way the backing singers harmonise over a wailing electric piano made me think of both Stax AND Blue Note records from the late 60’s.
Perhaps it’s the mood I’m in at the moment; but I just love the bittersweet I Will Be Haunting You which closes the album; and Broken Man which is as Soulful a dose of the Blues as you will hear this year. Both of these made me think of the albums that Chris Rea released on a whim about 10 years ago; the ones the fans love but the radio didn’t know what to do with!
The title track The Blues Just Makes Me Feel Good; really is what ‘it says on the label’ with Latini, band (including a red hot brass section) and backing singers make his heartfelt words swing like a big ole tush on the dancefloor.
Accolade of ‘favourite song’ hasn’t been easy with the swinging groove of Hard Walkin’ Woman being something I’d love to hear Eric Burden have a go at; but I will go for Too Good To Be True; because the way John Latini sings about his lady, is exactly the way I feel about Mrs. Magpie….and his guitar playing really does sizzle at time!
With the power of the Internet you too can now discover the talent and delights of John Latini too from the comfort of your armchair.

Released December 28th 2016

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