Robert Vincent – I’ll Make The Most of My Sins


Robert Vincent
I’ll Make The Most of My Sins
At The Helm/Last Chance Records

Compelling and Introspective Lo-Fi Alt. Country Meets Folk.

For the third time in as many weeks I have to write ‘this wasn’t what I was expecting’.
Rob Vincent has sort of been on my radar for a couple of years now, with several friends raving about him and telling me ‘you will love his music.’ Yet I somehow totally missed his debut album, Life In Easy Steps and his high profile support slots for James Blunt, Squeeze and Paul Carrack among others.
It doesn’t matter what I was actually expecting; because opening song Mobius knocked me sideways right from the moody almost classical opening few bars and right through a gut wrenching love story which is both articulate and intelligently written. Plus the inclusion of some sweetly ragged harmonica is always going to catch my attention.
A beautiful and well written song, So In Love captures the very essence of the sort of nail-biting dark and broody Alt. Country I’ve loved since I first discovered the likes of Cowboy Junkies many years ago.
A week after playing this album 2 or 3 times a day I can now see why my friends would think I would like Rob Vincent.
The Liverpudlian writes from the very bottom of his heart, Time Won’t Wait and Denial are the type of songs you would normally associate with Master Craftsman singer-songwriters from the Americas, not a young man from Liverpool still beginning his career.
I absolutely love it when a songwriter I’ve never met somehow manages to put my own idiosyncratic feelings into words. All Of You; about a man willing to change his ways for the love of another is just such a song; and will touch most of the people who ever hear it.
The title track is quite staggering in its complexity, yet still manages to be accessible for the average listener like me . Almost poetic in the way Dylan and Townes Van Zandt could mould the two idioms into one I’ll Make The Most of My Sins finds Vincent singing in an almost Gospel manner as the band swoop and soar behind him in minor keys. Lo-Fi at its absolute finest!
Which brings us to the ‘RM Favourite Track’ accolade…..Dancing With Devils. Another song that will make you think it’s about you, and you alone. Vincent obviously has his own demons; which he writes about here, but they are a lot more common than most of us are prepared to admit and the young man captures them in intimate detail and sings them over a gloriously uptight tune that showcases a superb band.
Easily sliding between lonely singer-songwriter mode to a full band profile, Robert Vincent has managed to create a bunch of songs that will be listened to late at night when all alone and lonely; but will just as easily be transferred to the stage and create a great evenings entertainment. Quite some feat.

Released January 27th 2017

4 thoughts on “Robert Vincent – I’ll Make The Most of My Sins

  1. You echo my sentiments exactly. Robert Vincent deserves all the accolades he has received and this album will launch him on the world. Of that I have no doubt! Just brilliant.


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