Chuck Prophet – Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins


Chuck Prophet
Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins
Yep Roc Records

The Coolest Cat in Americana Re-Defines Cool Americana Music.

Chuck Prophet’s last album Night Surfer was the RM Radio Show Album of the year in 2014 and in his previous incarnation the original Green on Red were the first Alt. Country band I ever saw, ‘blowing my mind’ at the legendary Riverside Club, Newcastle many moons ago.
Although a regular visitor to our fair city in the intervening years it’s fair to say Prophet never captured his ‘on stage magic’ on vinyl until Temple Beautiful in 2012…..and now, five years later….phew, the kid can now really write as well as he plays!
The album opens with a BOOM! The title track Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins is a trademark Chuck Prophet ‘three to the floor’ rocking, chug-a-lug boogie slice of Americana, with the Mission Express supplying a fantastic chorus in-between verses hailing a forefather of Rock n Roll.
Your Skin follows, and it’s the first of several surprises as it has a slightly psychedelic feel to the beat, especially Prophets’ fuzzy guitar licks and Stephanie Finch’s almost Floydian keyboards.
Similarly, Killing Machine takes a dark story and adds a hypnotic Doors type feel to the back-beat; and I can only presume (hope) that both songs get the light-show they deserve when the band play them live.
Prophet even has the confidence now to take a stroll back to his earlier albums, with Jesus Was a Social Drinker, in as much as it has a glorious Pop-Rock feel to it much like those albums alluded too.
One song that will probably get lost in the annals of time, but doesn’t deserve it, is Post-War Cinematic Dead Man Blues; as it has entangled it’s way into my brain and won’t come out. It’s a tune that is difficult to pin down as it nods towards several 60’s songs without ever sounding like anything in particular and Prophet really, really makes his Strat sizzle at times!
The song most reviewers will pick up on, Bad Year For Rock & Roll, will surely become a stage favourite as it mentions David Bowie and Peter Sellers directly and alludes to the raft of other famous artistes who passed in 2016. Plus, it’s a cracking ‘rocker’ too….straight from Prophet’s #1 play-book.
I genuinely love this album from start to finish, but picking a ‘Favourite Track’ has been relatively easy; although it is a tie.
The album closes with red-hot rocker called Alex Nieto and Prophet claims this to be his first ever ‘protest song’ and his ire and anger come through in every single note as he tells us about the young Latino who was killed in a hail of bullets by the LAPD in 2014.
The other is a lot more frivolous. If I was Connie Britton sees our hero Chuck, pen a loving ode to the flame-haired star of Friday Night Lights and now Nashville. I too am smitten with Coach Taylor’s wife and swooned the first time I played the song; and even now two weeks later I still get giggly at the lyrics. 10/10 Chuck….10/10.
Because of his distinctive voice this is obviously a Chuck Prophet record; but the way he glides between 60’s Psychedelia and Garage right through to 21st Century Rock n Roll, as well as including the occasional sensitive singer-songwriter ballad (We Got Up and Played) our hero proves he ain’t no one trick pony; he’s a thoroughbred ….pure and simple.
What more can I say, apart from I will be amazed if I review 10 better albums this year.

Released February 10th 2017


2 thoughts on “Chuck Prophet – Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins

  1. I agree with your assessment of Mr. Prophet except that he didn’t capture his gift on record until “Temple Beautiful” for I think he is about the only artist I know who has batted .1000 with every release being wonderful and I think “The Hurting Business” is his “B.O.B.” (“Blond on Blond”) I can’t wait to hear this new release and envy your reviewer’s privilege of getting an early copy.


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