Brigitte DeMeyer & Will Kimbrough -Mockingbird Soul


Brigitte DeMeyer & Will Kimbrough
Mockingbird Soul
BDM Music

Luscious and Lyrical Genre Defying Roots Music.

‘Roots Music’ is a bit of a loose term these days; covering everything from traditional Irish Folk through to Chicago Blues and every niche in-between; but because this charming couple throw in a little bit of everything into their musical melting-pot; it’s the only way I can describe it.
I loved Brigitte’s 2014 album Savannah Road and excitedly went to see her in concert later that year; only to find the legendary Will Kimbrough alongside her on guitar.
Sadly (in my opinion) the audience only appeared to want to hear Kimbrough’s impressive playing so, alongside a hyper-chatty bass player, Ms DeMeyer got a bit over shadowed that night.
But, when she took the lead, the heady combination of her smoky voice on Will’s sublime picking was was mind-blowing and was surely destined to be recorded.
So, a mere 3 years later the duo have finally recorded a disc under their dual names.
Will Kimbrough’s distinctive picking opens the first track, before the couple’s honey flavoured voices harmonise on a delightful song that combines 70’s Folk with timeless Southern acoustic Country.
Will and Brigitte play around with genres all through the next hour, with The Juke being a sultry Southern Country Blues featuring some sizzling harmonica; and Little Easy being exactly what the title suggests with the couple treading lightly into Gram and Emmylou territory.
Apart from adding harmonies and exquisite guitar flourishes throughout the album Kimbrough also gets his moment in the vocal spotlight with the glorious Broken Fences, with it’s deep lyrics and Alt. Country undertones.
But, it’s a personal thing;I just love Brigitte’s voice, which is a ‘one-off’ and when Will harmonises on Until Then my legs went weak at the knees, and on the sassy Honey Bee she sounds like a countryfied Dusty Springfield.
In these days when you don’t need an actual single to promote an album, two songs still stand out from a rarefied bunch; the title track Mockingbird Soul with Kimbrough sending shivers down my back with his slide guitar; Brigitte has never sounded better as she takes us on a beautiful stroll down a Savannah Road.
The other is I Can Hear Your Voice, where Kimbrough takes the lead; but this beautiful song is more about the delectable harmonies that come dripping honeyed notes as they ooze from the speakers.
All of the songs here are, all bar two written by the duo, with the dour Carpet Baggers Lullaby being a co-write between Brigitte and Oliver Wood and all are incredibly well executed, intelligent and quite atmospheric.
The finale is an interesting and quite oblique choice…..but this adaptation of the Incredible String Band’s October Song actually fits in perfectly.
I can’t say much more without sounding ‘gushing’ but the wait has certainly been worth it as this album is every inch as good as I’d hoped three years ago.

Released January 27th 2017


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