Readers Top 10 Reviews of 2016


It’s been an amazing year here at Rocking Magpie HQ, overpowering and overwhelming at times……..and even humbling when I read some of the e-mails I receive from artists, PR’S and readers.
We now have followers in all four corners of the planet……including Japan, Iceland, Bahrain and now Lebanon as well as the usual suspects of the UK, Canada, most countries in Europe and the USA.

We’ve tried our best to bring you Exclusives as well as posting reviews ASAP and as usual we have reviewed a few hundred eclectic albums, EP’S and the occasional single and the readers Top 10, based on hits/reads reflects that.

So… reverse order:-

10) Bap Kennedy – Reckless Heart
09) Wet Wet Wet at Newcastle Arena.
08) Los Pacaminos – A Fist Full of Statins
07) Thompson Wilson – Demos.
06) Todd Rundgren – An Evening With Todd Rundgren
05) Jeff Healey – Holding On
04) Ian McNabb – Respectfully Yours.
03) Birds of Chicago – Real Midnight
02) The Mavericks – All Night Live (Vol 1)
01) Bruce Foxton – Smash the Clock.

Thanks to absolutely everyone who has helped make The Rocking Magpie the ever growing success it is; from bands, singers, Record Labels, PR Company’s and of course you….the readers. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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