Whitney Rose – South Texas Suite (2017)


Whitney Rose
South Texas Suite
Six Shooter/Thirty Tigers

Yeehaw! Classic Country Just Got Cool Again.

Young Whitney Rose has certainly made some impressive friends in her short career, with her debut album Heartbreaker of the Year being produced and mentored by none other than Raul Malo from the Mavericks and now the young Canadian has changed direction; albeit only slightly but definitely more left-field by pitching up at Dale Watson’s Ameripolitan Studio in North Austin for two whole days to record these six songs with the Continental Club’s house band – Haybale; a veritable who’s who of Country music, including piano player Earle Poole Ball, bass player Kevin Smith, drummer Tom Lewis and one of my Top 5 guitarists of all time…..the legendary Redd Volkaert.
The EP starts where the LP ended with an authentic Waltz Time Honky Tonk song called Three Minute Love Affair. A mini-soap opera about a lonely girl in a small town who meets a handsome stranger at the Saturday night hop and has but one dance with him, that leaves a life time of memories. Country music doesn’t get any more Countrier than this!
Track #2 Analog is the haunted tale of an old-fashioned girl who lives in the modern world, but loves the simpler things in life. In a whole other world this could be the great lost Patsy Cline song that features Chet Atkins; but it’s not….it is the delightful Whitney Rose and Redd Volkaert tugging at the heartstrings while in the background Earle Poole Ball shows why he played piano for 20 years with Johnny Cash.
Lookin’ Back on Luckenbach is a classy take on a Country standard set of imagery; using Luckenbach as a metaphor for ‘The Good Old Days’ and it makes for a lovely few minutes.
All six tracks are lusciously produced without ever sounding dated or overbearing; with the slow Waltz meets a Two – Step beat perfect for Whitney’s timelessly expressive voice, with Bluebonnets For My Baby being a perfect example of why only idiots say “Modern music is rubbish. They don’t make them like they used to!” They do! You just have to look in the shadows and ask the right people for directions and you will find songs like this; although there aren’t many out there this good.
The disc ends all too briefly with an instrumental, which at first seems an odd choice but How ‘Bout a Hand For the Band; originally the outro to My Boots is just too good to be thrown away and now closes the disc quite perfectly.
Oh dear…..I nearly forgot to mention My Boots.
No I didn’t really; it’s my favourite track here and makes your toes tap and head nod in time to a joy of a dancetastic tune, with an enthralling story about a Country Girl sticking to ‘her roots’ regardless of what people expect of her; and I hope Whitney Rose will still ‘wear her boots’ when she is picking up Grammy’s, CMA’s Etc. sometime soon.

Released January 27th 2017


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