A Silverado Family Christmas – Various Artists


A Silverado Family Christmas
Various Artists

Cool Yule Album From Even Cooler Record Label.

This has sat waiting unopened for nearly two weeks; but in all conscience I couldn’t listen to Christmas songs until December 1st at the very earliest 🙂
Silverado Records was only launched earlier this year but their roster of artists is as astonishing as it is cool, and as is becoming of Country Record labels they have corralled those artists into the studio to record an obligatory Christmas album.
We start with one of three brand new songs, Snow Day by Zack Dyer and just when I thought I’d never hear another ‘new Christmas song’ worth listening too, Zack made my ears tingle with his flirtatious almost seduction song based around the weather being so bad he can’t get to work and has to stay at home with his young lady. ‘Radio friendly’ is an understatement as Zack carefully avoids the saccharine world songs like this normally ooze.
Track #2 is the legendary Joe Diffie, doing what Joe Diffie does best on the classic I’ll Be Home For Christmas. Okay, it’s not a whole lot different from most other Country versions, but hey this is Joe Diffie so it’s got to be worth a whirl.
It’s no surprise that staples Let It Snow, The Christmas Song and Blue Christmas are here too and there’s nothing wrong with any of them, especially Tony Winkler’s voice on the latter, which has me researching the singer. But Gabe Burdulis’ I’m Looking For Christmas is Americana/Alt. Country at its finest, with the young Wisconian producing a delightful, interesting and memorable song that proves you don’t have to be full of false bonhomie to enjoy the holiday season, just being with your family and the one you love to make it special. This well crafted song has made an instant fan out of me.
The other new Christmas song, to me here is Christmas Time For Me and You by Crystal Yates who is a new name to me; but judging by her smoky voice on this sensual love song sung from a wife to her husband she will be a household name by Christmas 2017!
The song is stunningly lovely, all wrapped up in love and the addition of crackles and pops of vintage vinyl do it no harm at all.
Does the world need another Christmas record? Of course not; but if if you are going to release one you may as well make one fans will play for decades to come and that’s what Silverado Records have done here.


Released December 2nd 2016



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