Kevin McGuire – 3AM (single)


Kevin McGuire

Classy Modern-day Country From the Badlands of Scotia.

Yet again I’ve received a Country single that has blown me sideways.
Born and bred in Glasgow Kevin McGuire has written and recorded a song that sounds like it couldn’t have come from anywhere other than Nashville (or Austin at a stretch) but no; it is 100% British in origin.
The title track 3AM comes in two versions; the radio friendly one comes first with McGuire receiving ‘the 3AM call’ from the girl who he split up with one drunken evening. Razor sharp lyrics and a voice that will make young women go weak at the knees combine on a song that crosses over many musical boundaries and deserves to be a ‘hit’ (whatever that means these days).
Although not a lot different; I actually prefer the Acoustic version that follows. Sounding slightly edgier and frayed around the edges; you could easily imagine Gunnar or Will singing this in the TV show Nashville.
The third track Everything, is every bit as good and interesting as the title track; even sounding a little bit more developed in outlook, possibly.
With British Country Music on the crest of a wave at the moment; the future certainly looks bright for Kevin McGuire.

Released November 11th 2016


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