Long Time at Sea (single)-Josh Coppersmith


Long Time at Sea (single)
Josh Coppersmith
Smugglers Records

A Great Song for a Wonderful Cause.

‘Charity begins at home’ they say; and it’s true, but here at RMHQ there are a couple of causes that really tug at our heartstrings, with the current Refugee Crisis being at the very top of a short list.
It may not be on the TV News every night but these days but there is still a heartbreaking stream of families wandering around Europe looking for a home, and that’s not a home that you or I would call home…..primarily they just want to be safe from fear.
So, singer-songwriter Josh Coppersmith has been moved to write a song about these migrants, and all proceeds will go to these three amazing Charities –
Hand in Hand for Syria
Help Refugees
Medecins Sans Frontieres


This is the link to the fundraising page

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