The 27 – Call Me a Friend (Single)


The 27
Call Me a Friend

Break Out Your Flares – Country Rock is BACK!

We don’t normally ‘do’ singles at RMHQ, as we are normally far too cool for disposable pap like that; but occasionally a song comes along that we can’t ignore and we feel the need to shout it’s glories from the Internet Rooftops!
Such is Call Me a Friends from Londoners The 27 who took their name from the infamous ’27 Club’ made up of musicians who died at the age of 27.
They make no bones about their love of Classic Country Rock with harmony rich vocals, multi-layered guitars (acoustic and semi-acoustic) all coming together to create 3 glorious minutes of sunshine to brighten up even the coldest, greyest days of Winter.
Based around the singing and songwriting of 23 year old Henry Parker alongside Tom Mitchell, David Page and drummer Alex Tschaikowsky The 27 have been honing their combined talents for ix years now and this wonderful song bodes very, very well for a full album in the New Year.

PS The video was recorded in Amy Winehouses’ former home in Camden and stars the beautiful Page 3 model Rhian Sugden.

Released June 14th 2016

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