Grit – LA Don’t Love You (EP)


LA Don’t Love You (EP)
Bodan Kumo Recordings

Frantic and Emotional Power-Punk That Will Shake Your Spine.

Back in September we were given the honour of EXCLUSIVELY launching Grit’s debut video for the song New Car; and after a long wait (3 months?) we finally get the actual EP that it comes from.
New Car kick starts the 5 track EP like a turbo charged Ford RS Cosworth; fast furious and only a cursory grip on the road. Singerist Kat Meoz sounds like her life depends on it as she recounts the feeling she had when a friend who nearly killed her in a car crash used the insurance money to buy a shiny new car, with barely a thought for Ms. Meoz’ feelings or health. Friends, eh? What can you do?
Track’s #2 & #3Fool’s Gold and Cold Blooded are complete doozies! With a band behind her that is as tight as a Nun’s chuff, Kat neatly straddles the blurred lines of American Punk, Chicago Blues and ROCK! to create a sound not too far away from the magic of the long lamented Detroit Cobras, and to some degree ‘Rip Her To Shreds’ era Blondie.
Things get damn personal on Look Away with the charismatic Kat and band trading machine gun like licks while the drummer stops just short of punching holes in his kit.
The title track, and by far the ‘killer song’ here, LA Don’t Love You closes the disc and comes from a time in her life when songwriter Meoz had decided that she wasn’t going to ‘make it’ in LA and move back home to Las Vegas……..only for a phone call inviting to an interview that led to a full time job; affording her the security to carry on making glorious music in the City of Angels.
I don’t know what ‘the kids’ listen to these days; but I’m sure that there must be a place somewhere among the MTV/VH1 Generation for a quality band like Grit.

Released October 1st 2016

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