Georgia Ruth – Fossil Scale


Georgia Ruth
Fossil Scale
Navigator Records

Transcendental Trip-Hop Influenced Celtic Folk from Welsh Songstress.

I rather liked the multi-coloured album sleeve when this first arrived; and without reading the accompanying Press Release (as usual) was knocked sideways by the opening track The Doldrums.
Ethereal would be the first word to spring to mind; with echoes of Kate Bush and Andrea Corr in the way Georgia’s friend Meilyr Jones accompanies the doleful words of Georgia Ruth herself.
Initially I was puzzled by the post-electronic trip-hop beat of Cloudbroke that immediately follows; although I have warmed to it over the last few weeks.
Track #3 is the title track Fossil Scale and again Georgia Ruth is accompanied by something of a multi-layered trip-hop backing; which is particularly odd as by now I had read the Press Release and was expecting ‘modern Folk’ which is certainly not the case here.
Now; after three sessions listening on headphones…..I get it; sort of!
For what it’s worth I really like the simpler songs here like When I Was Blue and Sylvia; where Georgia slips back into her beautiful native Welsh tongue.
Other tracks are mildly experimental, and must have been a great idea in pre-production. The Bodies has all the elements of being a highlight; but the ‘intro’ quickly becomes annoying and I haven’t got the facility to edit it out.
Good Milk sounds absolutely gorgeous with Ruth using a particularly odd metaphor for her (love) life; I think. Again; on headphones the song is almost psychedelic in parts as the synth induced ‘waves’ to wash over you; and the brass band really will take you by surprise each time they swoop in.
I really do like a few songs here; especially Supermoon which has a great story and some really intelligent lyrics; but it’s the simpler yet very complex backing to Georgia Ruth’s lovely voice that makes for a song that transcends the rest.
In an album that floats between genres the overall feeling is that less could have been more; as there there are some wonderful songs here fighting to get out of some pretentious production.


Released October 7th 2016


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