Curse of Lono – Debut EP


Curse of Lono
Debut EP
Submarine Cat Records

Moody, Atmospheric Stories from the Dark Heart of Americana.

Obviously we receive numerous discs at RMHQ from bands and singers we’ve never heard of, so it can be a difficult choice what to put in the disc machine first as the coffee is brewing; so it’s often a case of ‘judging a record by the cover Roulette.’
Such was the case with this debut EP from London’s Curse of Lono. The moody mono photo on the cover of a series of giant cactuses captured the mood I was in, and the first song Five Miles lived right up (or down?) to my expectations.
It’s a glorious multi-layered slice of deep dark, melancholic lo-fi Americana, but with a drum beat and enough scorching fuzz-box laden guitar to make it almost 60’s Garage in essence, but very, very of the present.
This links nicely with track #2 London Rain, only this time singer Felix Bechtolsheimer (real name) does a moody and very descriptive ‘talking Blues’ as the band steer just the right side of a Doors medley in the background, with Dani Ruiz Hernandez channelling the ghosts of both Ray Manzerak and Keith Emerson at the heart of the melodic line.
The jauntiest tune here masks the saddest song…..which gives you some idea where Curse of Lono are coming from. He Takes My Place is heartbreaking to the extreme; but the way the words seep from Bechtolsheimer’s velvety and expressive voice you will cling to every syllable like a limpet in a storm.
Arguably, my favourite track here is the finale Saturday Night, another slow and drawling ‘talking Blues’ but with lyrics that have more sharp edges than a broken window, on a sexy and almost dirty song that could and should be the soundtrack to TV Drama about the dark heart of a man in a dead relationship. I’m free to write the script if anyone is interested.
Curse of Lono has risen from the ashes of London band, Hey Negrita and with that wonderful background to drawer on and these wonderful four songs; I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am in anticipation of the forthcoming album.

Released October 14th 2016


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