Grit – New Car (EXCLUSIVE)


New Car (single)
Bodan Kuma Recordings

Fire, Brimstone and more than a little bit of passion!

I know next to nothing about LA band Grit apart from them being fronted by the delectable Kat Meoz; but this new single “New Car,” arrived this morning and I can’t stop playing it!
New Car is taken their forthcoming self-titled debut EP this is full-throttle beer and adrenaline fueled punchy Punk Rock that has swept me back to those sweaty nights in the KU Club listening to the likes of X-Ray Specs, Adverts and of course the Sex Pistols!
B-Side LA Don’t Love Ya, has a similar punky edge to it; although Kat sounds a lot more like an angry Pat Benatar here, and I can easily visualize the guitarist(s)with their low-slung guitars and grimaces ala Sid Vicious banging out these machine gun like chords.
What’s not to like? Can’t wait for that EP to make it’s way across the Atlantic.

Released September 13th 2016


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