Clara Bond – Out Of Towners (EP)


Clara Bond
Out Of Towners (EP)

Heartbreaking and Heart-stopping British Country-Pop

Less than 5 years ago British Country Music was sneered at by the likes of me as it was generally a Pop Covers band singing songs only deemed fit for Line-Dancing; or else it was ex-pat Irish crooners crooning the life out of the songs you and I love.
Not now though; and the good news is that not only is the current wave of British born and bred Country singers and bands very talented; they are all very young indeed; which bodes well for the future.
Which brings us to the latest EP from Devon lass Clara Bond. As expected she has a long back story that includes the obligatory cover songs on YouTube; but that is the way people learn their skills these days and Clara has served her apprenticeship well.
This four track disc kicks off with the bitter-sweet title track; Out of Towners, a truish story based on events that occurred during her first visit to Nashville. It may not have ended as well as she’d hoped; but at least she got a cracking song out of it!
Although from her own pen; Love Can’t Stay is straight outta Music Row and just may be about the same fool in the previous song. Her whip sharp backing band somehow manage to stay restrained as Clara pours her little heart out in under 3 and a half minutes.
The disc closes with the gentle ballad Flashbacks which will probably be something of a tearjerker when sung live.
Then there is Tambourine. Wow! In a very competitive market this is a contender for Song of the Year; even if its in the British Country Category. This is an excellent slice of waltz time Country and when I first heard Clara purr, “You could play my heart like a tambourine” I let out a huge sigh and my knees when weak.
Radio friendly? Hell yes!
In theory this EP is at the Commercial end of what I like; but sometimes I need a bit of ‘nice music’ in my life; and Clara Bond supplies that by the Stetson full.

Released September 19th 2016


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