Luke Winslow-King – I’m Glad Trouble Don’t Last Always.


Luke Winslow-King
I’m Glad Trouble Don’t Last Always.
Bloodshot Records

The Coolest Slice Of Blues Infused Americana You May Ever Hear!

If you don’t already know who Luke Winslow-King is; then shame on you! I insist you click on his website link immediately after reading this review of his fifth album; and third on the legendary Bloodshot label.
Dear Lord did my ears prick up during the first minute of opening track On My Way as some gorgeous bottle neck guitar seeped from the office speakers; and when Luke’s magnetic voice slid in on the almost Gospel flavoured torch song that sent shivers up my spine and out through my hair follicles.
I’ve been a bit of a fan of the young Michigan born artist for a few years now; but nothing prepared me for the rich Chicago-Blues of the title track; I’m Glad Trouble Don’t Last Always which immediately follows. His guitar work is straight out Memphis and the production could be 1967 and Stax Studio B, it really is that good.
Winslow-King takes us on a bit of an Americana road trip with Act Like You Love me swinging like New Orleans on the first night of Mardi Gras; and the song itself is as good as I’ve heard this…..or indeed any year.
Louisiana Blues; is exactly what it says on the tin with Luke surpassing himself on guitar while he somehow manages to lower his voice a couple of octaves; to still sound like himself……but only in forty years time after a lifetime of wine, women and song!
Heartsick Blues; on the other hand is from the Western fringe of Country with some sweet fiddle shadowing his ‘heartsick’ voice on an epic tale of ‘love, lingers lost’.
Favourite track? Not for the first time this year; that has been a real headache for me. Obviously the title track is a contender; but the mournful No More Crying Today which closes the album, is a beautifully cracked love song; in the vein of stable mate Justin Townes Earle; but I will have to go with the song that made my jaw drop on the first listen of this glorious disc…..track #3 the Country Rock tinged Change Your Mind, which is a whole new; more ‘grown up’ direction for Luke Winslow-King and perfectly sums up the feeling at the end of a love affair in 3 and a half minutes; with some of the finest guitar and harmonica interplay these ears have ever heard!
Honestly; this has been a fabulous year for new music and I’ve made some amazing discoveries along the way; but this album will definitely be Top #3 at the end of the year and a contender for #1.

Released September 30th 2016


One thought on “Luke Winslow-King – I’m Glad Trouble Don’t Last Always.

  1. I appreciate this artist too and he sometime sounds to me like a cross between Ry Cooder and David Bromberg but with hos own unique voice. I’m glad to hear that this rlease is so good.


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