Sari Schorr – A Force of Nature


Sari Schorr
A Force of Nature
Manhaton Records

Stone The Crows! The Blues Just Found Another Red Hot Mama.

Although a Blues Rock enthusiast for over 40 years now; I can count on the fingers of one hand the female lead singers who actually stick in the memory…..but I think we’ve found a genuine Star here.
A Force of Nature opens with some sizzling guitar from Innes Sibun (Robert Plant’s guitarist no less!) but it was when the New Yorker’s sultry voice oozed out of the speakers after about 30 seconds that my ears actually pricked up. A Blues ballad par excellence in anyone’s book; Sibun is allowed a few cool but short solos as Schorr growls and pants in a way I’ve not heard since Maggie Bell first entered my teenage world many moons ago.
For a debut album, it comes out of the traps like a greyhound on steroids…..Damn The Reason featuring Oli Brown on guitar is a slow and sultry burner that had me mopping my brow at the end, and the legendary Walter Trout’s silky guitar coupled with the way Sari delivers Work No More conjures up the Soulful Blues of Robert Cray; but with a lot more edge to it.
Sari Schorr can do Roadhouse Blues too, as she proves with Demolition Man which has some cool electric organ challenging the guitar in the background; but with a voice like hers there is only ever gonna be one winner here. Yet again, it’s a clever song that has a message that can be missed the first time you hear it…but persevere, it’s worth deciphering.
There are a couple of cover versions seamlessly included, but Schorr not only rearranges Stop! In The Name of Love she rips it apart and finds a whole new significance to those amazing lyrics, as she sounds a lot more like James Brown than Diana Ross!
This girl certainly knows her history, as she takes Leadbelly’s Black Betty way back to it’s hypnotic acoustic roots before setting fire to it with passion and kerosene in a way the great man would no doubt be proud of. I’m sure this will be the encore number….or at least I hope so.
Just to show her diversity, and in doing so creating my favourite track here Kiss Me; as subtly sexy a song as I’ve heard in years and one that has several layers to it that only get peeled away on repeated listening.
A Force of Nature is produced sublimely by Mike Vernon and features a host of great Blues Rock guitarists; but this very much an album revolving around a great ‘voice’ and in Sari Schorr we appear to have found someone who can genuinely challenge Beth Hart for the title of 21st Century Queen of the Blues.

Released September 2nd 2016


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