Jay Ward & Dogbrain Music:
The Great Wide
Blue Dog EP
 Jay Ward sawed, soldered and screwed together his Dogbrain Music studio from scratch a few decades back, a stone’s throw away from Edgar Allen Poe rock near the Hudson River in NYC. Some exceptional talent (including Roberta Flack, Richard Julian, Scout, Everett Bradley) came through the studio and furthered his education, but it was a session with Dave Tronzo that stoked his passion for the slide guitar and cemented the dogbrain sound. Since then it’s been an integral part of his musical landscape.
When not in the studio or fiddling about locally Jay might be found rebuilding his catboat accompanied by his faithful companion Miss Beans. Did I mention he love for dogs has given birth to 2 CDs of dog music for dogs (alright, for us, too?). He is also prone to chasing his own imaginary tail.
Blue Dog for purchase on CD baby and on iTunes, amazon, etc: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/dogbrain5

One thought on “EXCLUSIVE VIDEO from Jay Ward

  1. Great Ride ! Smooth Song ! Jay, I love it ! Wonderful flash back to the era of luxury trains, our conductor a slide steel guitar. Our journey finally arriving at -this present moment. A metaphor for life’s up’s & down’s, all the while a smooth ride was had, -that’s what I got & love about this song.


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