Terra Lightfoot – Every Time My Mind Runs Wild

terra 1

Terra Lightfoot
Every Time My Mind Runs Wild
Sonic Unyon SUN CD 1542

A Dazzling and Impressive Slice of Rocking Canadiacana.

Well indeed!
Never pre-judge an album by the cover; to paraphrase Grandma Magpie.
As I’d not previously heard of Ms. Lightfoot; but trusted the source that sent this album this disc was in the A-List pile to review; but was still picked it at random from that ever growing box.
I was fully expecting to hear a lithesome voice singing well crafted and intelligent acoustic style songs……how wrong was I?
The cool Bluesy guitar intro to first song All along made my ears prick up; and then when Terra Lightfoot’s deeply rich voice punched it’s way from the office speakers I was forced to sit back in my seat and listen…intently.
I have to tell you that first hour was time well spent; even if I didn’t get the spreadsheet written on time.
Oh Lordy….track 3, Never Will is an absolute joy to behold; jangly and tight guitars licks over a punchy rhythm section as Terra out rocks the big boys as she sings her heart out; stretching those golden vocal chords in the nicest possible way.
Terra’s songwriting is quite exceptional at times; try listening to the sweet acoustic ballad Emerald Eyes or the tightly wrapped Home To You; and hear a songwriter discovering her own talent and gently passing it on to the world at large.
While most of the album is up-tempo and loud; showcasing Terra’s exceptional guitar playing alongside her ‘band’ Matthew Fleming on bass, Joel Haynes on drums and keyboardist Liam O’Neil, Terra sounds just as comfortable on the slow and moody Splinter that closes the disc; where all you hear are her voice and some simple, but impressive piano, allowing the words to seep deep into your heart.
Even now, a week after first hearing the album I’m struggling for a ‘Best in Show,’ but if I must; I will point you towards the head down, feet apart Rocker….No Hurry; which sounds like a Melissa Etheridge/Runaways/Lucinda Williams hybrid of the very highest order and is currently sitting between Bruce Springsteen’s I’m On Fire and Wild Horses by the Stones on my ‘Summer Driving’ playlist for the car.
Every Time My Mind Runs Wild is one of those rare albums that can be listened to in the car or in the back garden or more importantly in a room full of people that you want to impress with your musical taste.
While I’m using the word ‘rock’ a bit too much; Terra’s style transcends normal musical boundaries; or at least those I was expecting; as there are huge dollops of Blues washing over a Country Rock Ethic, while her voice could easily be that over a Memphis Soul Singer covering the best songs that Americana has to offer.


Released August 26th 2016

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