The Young Fables – TWO

young fables

The Young Fables
Hope Tree Records

Contemporary Country Songs Dripping With Cool Guitar and Raw Emotion.

Whenever I try to watch the CMA or AMA Award Shows I have no idea what Country Music is any more. OK the guys may wear huge Stetsons, Levis and Cowboy Boots; but the music owes more to AC/DC than Hank Williams and the Ladies of Country all sound the same; and that’s not in a good way!
Thank the Lord for the next generation!
Hardly a week goes by without a disc falling on the mat featuring youngsters (well, under 30’s) quoting Hank, Dolly and Gram as influences; and by Golly Gosh there’s hardly a bad record among them.
The Young Fables, Laurel Wright and Wes Lunsford have appeared into my world from nowhere; but they have put the miles and hours in homing their combined talents before releasing this, their debut album….and it shows.
The opening track Better Hand is a real attention grabber; with some funky banjo leading into Laurel’s delightful Tennessean tones on a will he/won’t he love me song; which sets the bar very high for what follows.
Taking the Traditional Country template that I (and hopefully you) love; Laurel pours her pretty little heart out on Completely and the cleverly worded Bed of Roses and when she sings I Love Him Too; there won’t be a dry eye in the house.
Unlike those Country Rockers that I mentioned in the opening paragraph; Wes Lunsford compliments the singer with some amazing yet restrained guitar playing that’s reminiscent of those early Vince Gill albums.
Mostly ballads; and that’s a good thing, The Young Fables slide in a couple of Rockers like Worse and September; but both only come in at 6.5 on the Rocking Richter Scale.
Mrs. Magpie are both smitten with this album; so the title of Best/Favourite song will have to a tie with Mrs. M going for the swinging Two, which is about the duo getting together but my wife says it could be about us too (Bless her!).
Me? It has to be the album closer A Lifetime; another love song where Laurel sounds as if her life depends on getting her message across.
Country Music is very much alive and well with acts like The Young Fables breathing fresh life into it on a daily basis.

Released USA February 2016
Released UK July 2016


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