Roni Perry – Nothing Less Than This (EP)

roni p

Roni Perry
Nothing Less Than This EP

Delicious Lo-Fi Drenched Debut.

I’ve said before that the industry is awash with singer-songwriters claiming to be this, that or the other depending on market demands; and with the advent of technology and the internet I become inundated with amateurish productions from people whose Mothers tell them “You are a star my precious,” from birth.
I try my best to give everything at least a cursory listen, and then very occasionally I unearth a musical diamond.
That is what I believe we have hear with Roni Perry from deepest, darkest Devon.
In fairness it was Mrs. Magpie who brought this to my attention; as she grabbed a pile of discs from my desk to play while she read the Sunday paper; subsequently calling me downstairs to ask who Roni was.
Opening Nothing Less Than This, introduces us to Roni’s honeyed and Soulful voice as she pours her heart out over a soft Country backing featuring Sarah Jory on pedal-steel; in a way that brought to mind singers like Roseanne Cash and perhaps Gillian Welch, on a delightfully sad love song.
With only five songs on this EP Roni has carefully chosen each one to show her numerous talents; with The Ghost (Overcome) being her singing alone and the piano. WOW! Best played late at night, this beautiful song seeps straight from the singer’s heart into the listeners soul and will remain there forever. A real gem of a song.
On Over and Over we have Roni singing with the band again on a delicious slice of lo-fi Alt. Country which is lyrically mature and has all the hallmarks of a lifetime studying the finest singer-songwriters that Country music has to offer.
The disc ends all too quickly with the dark love song Gravity; another really clever and intricate song that will unravel the more you hear it.
Then, of course there is the single Baby Bird which is what first caught my wife’s attention. Lo-Fi and Alt. Country are both terms that again spring to mind; but Roni Perry’s sweet voice (and range) coupled with her way with a melody transcend both of those genres; and with only the merest push in the right direction from BBC Radio 2 or more importantly Whispering Bob Harris and this song AND Ronni Perry will be all over us like a rash.
Baring in mind these are only five songs from the 90 or so she wrote while bringing up her children; this disc surely only hints at a rare talent just waiting to be let loose into the wild.

You heard it here first!

Released July 25th 2016


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