The Cadillac Three – Bury Me In My Boots

cadillac three pol

The Cadillac Three
Bury Me In My Boots
Big Machine Records

No Saturday Night Will Be Complete Without Cold Beer And This Album!

Where have The Cadillac Three been for me not to know about them?
“Bury me in my boots/And don’t forget the whiskey/Light a cigarette girl/Lean on in and kiss me;” is the first thing you hear when you place this disc in the player. The acoustic guitar soon gives way to some crunchy guitars and a diesel powered rocking rhythm section as Jaren Johnston goes on to growl his way into the pantheon of great opening songs, with the title rack Bury Me In My Boots.
This is immediately followed by some intricately picked Twang geetar; as the band crack open the gears on Slide, which has the finest Rocking and Rolling chorus I’ve heard in donkeys years.
I’ve heard a lot of music like this over the years; but The Cadillac Three manage to proportion sounding rugged, raw and even sloppy; with being whip smart professionals on songs like Ship Faced and Soundtrack to a Six-Pack, both of which are essential listening for anyone who likes a beer with their Country Rock.
As a Country Music and fan of all things Southern Rock I appreciate that The Cadillac Three are being romantic with their descriptions in The South, This Accent and probably Peace, Love & Dixie; but surely that’s what this kinda music is about…..escapism on a Saturday night? No? Well; you are reading the wrong review if you are looking for deep thought out politics anywhere around these here parts.
Everything here is exceptionally well constructed; without ever sounding contrived as Johnston, Neil Mason (percussion) and Kelby Ray (lap steel) sound like they have played together for ever (they have) and this is the culmination of playing their hearts and souls out every night in dive bars across the Southern States and more recently Europe honing their crafts until the stars align; and align they most certainly have on the gorgeous Runnin’ Red Lights that closes the album and the sweetly romantic Drunk Like You.
Although I just love this album and have played it death in the car with the windows down and the volume up; two tracks still manage to stand out from the packed crowd.
Both have been singles, White Lightning in 2015 and more recently Graffiti; the latter being a Springsteenesque look at being young in a small town, in the Middle of Nowhere with next to no outlets for those spiraling artistic hormones and no outlets to express yourself. I will bare my backside in Fenwick’s window if this song isn’t up for every Song of the Year Award on the planet!
Based around the songwriting (Academy of Country Music & Grammy nominee) talents of singer Johnston, The Cadillac Three are Southern Rockers of the highest order; delicately balancing the Blues, Rock & Roll, Good-time Boogie and of course Country music in the way Little Feet, J Geils, Skynard, Molly Hatchet and even Bon Jovi did in their early days; continuously making my toes tap while my fingers strummed an air-fret as my (non-existent) long hair blows in the wind.

Released August 5th 2016

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