Shura – Nothings Real

shura d

Nothings Real
Polydor Records

Fresh, Edgy and Honest Songs Of Love and Loneliness with an Electro-Heartbeat. 

Drenched in 1980s synths and electronics, Shura’s debut album Nothing’s Real is released on 8th July 2016 and I would say it is this years album of the year. Bold statement? I think not.
Shura brings us an album that has seen her likened to the early days of Madonna and Janet Jackson; but strip that away and take away the gloss of their ‘Hollywood lyrics’ and Shura is rightly standing on her own two feet. In recent years there has been a lot of musical styles with the tag of ‘electronic’ at the front – electro-indie, electro-pop, electro-folk – but Shura makes this tag her own. It’s fresh and on the edge more than her contemporaries as she mixes in sound bites from her childhood and sings of panic attacks to love lost and taking a chance on love

Although the title of the album (and lead song) is called Nothing’s Real there is definitely a realness in which Shura delivers her music and lyrics, like the with the fragility of ‘how can I not be everything that you need?’ in Kids N’ Stuff to, ‘ I’m no child but I don’t feel grown up,’ in ‘What Happened To Us?’ The beats and the electronics help us not to get too deep in our emotions and more so a release of them. We have the more poppy sounds in ‘ What’s It Gonna Be?’ and 90s soulful vibes in ‘Tongue Tied’ and ‘Make It Up.’ Shura really brings it all and although I have mentioned ‘old skool’ vibes this debut is fresh sounding for the current day. In fact a timeless debut has been presented to us.

Nothing’s Real proves that Shura is an artist in her own right. The roots of the album were born in her two bedroom flat n Shepherds Bush and the marketing around it is one of the best I have ever seen, with the site She also has the video that went viral for Touch and songs about aliens with lyrics that would not be out of place of everyday living. Shura is an artist so fresh and without boundaries and she’s “different, I like it,” to borrow the words from the song White Light. Just when you thought Nothing’s Real, reality has struck us and all my musical senses come alive with every beat and chord in every second I hear on this 50-minute album. So, yes, this is 2016’s album of the year.

Courtesy Victoria Ling

Released July 8th 2016


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